I built a hat for a trailer…

I’m doing some work for/with my neighbors the Hütten Palast. This is the trailer called Kleine Schwester, and there is a skylight, but no headroom, so I was charged with designing a hat – with some back-lit graphics. I also made a shelf for the interior, which has the title and credit (Yoraco Gonzalez) on it.

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crystal mesh / realities:united

Since moving to Berlin this media facade is probably the most exciting architectural-scale project that I have worked on.

CRYSTAL MESH from autokolor on Vimeo.

I was hired on as project manager from February ’07, to February ’08 — bringing the design from final sketch/scheme up to full-spec, prototyped and installation-ready. The project was located in Singapore, and provided a year-long cultural experience interfacing with a very different building culture.

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I hereby assert used to brazenly pretend that I was the first person to run lunchmeat through a laser cutter. The date was October 31, 2002. We called the project “Conspiracy Sandwich” and it was done for the mysterious Ming Fu celebration at 51 3rd St. in Troy, NY. Project credits include Seana Biondolillo, Rich Pell, and myself.

Anyone wishing to dispute this claim, please submit compelling documentation and I will begrudgingly step down. [achievement unlocked!]

The idea struck when Seana, bragging about the swanky new art department printer, said something like: “and it’s going to work great until some grad student decides to run a sandwich through it.” I think it was about 1pm in the afternoon when we had that conversation, and we managed to complete the job before the architecture school wood shop closed. Fortunately Rich had the graphic content mostly ready, and also seemed to have a knack for locating bologna.

At the time I considered that there could certainly be some commercial application for this technique, but didn’t really want a future in that business — even though it did smell rather delicious.

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this is a test

I did a test to see how halftone would translate as a back-lit panel. Since we are neurologically predisposed to identifying eyes, I figured it would be the easiest image to discern at a relatively low resolution, and I went for a high-contrast (makeup) version — actually the image was far clearer than I had expected. As Michel deBroin sarcastically remarked: “sexy…”  Yeah, I think next time I’ll go for something a bit more on the subtle end of the spectrum.

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An art piece titled “Nowhere to go” that I engineered for Fons Scheidon for his solo show at MU gallery in Eindhoven.

NowhereToGo Tumbleweed from Fons Schiedon on Vimeo.

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Hello world!

Oh dear, I have a blog.

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