Rich Pell, a good friend and collaborator of mine (IAA) recently opened the Center for PostNatural History in Pittsburgh, PA contacted me in March of this year to ask if I was available to design a mobile exhibition for the museum. As a European tour was scheduled for the exhibit, it needed to be easily broken down and assembled by one or two people, and pack up tightly for transport. We met up, made sketches, and slowly got to work as budget and design requirements were resolved. It is now on display in the Teatrum Anatomicum at the Waag Society in Amsterdam. flikr gallery of the show opening.

I also produced the electronics to run the display lighting and media (will find the pictures later). I must thank Boris Kajmak for his indispensable assistance in producing this (he is the one sitting on the CNC machine looking a little bleary -entirely warranted as it was approximately 5am).

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