glove box I

Deep Interpenetration (video)

This is a project that I re-engineered for Michel DeBroin. He had produced it once before, however that version had some reliability issues, and so he hired me to design a reliable control system for the piece. As the museum also wanted to buy the piece, I had to produce archive-quality circuitry — which was an interesting exercise.

The exhibit was Reciprocal Energy, and was on display at the MAC/VAL in Vitry sur Seine (south side of Paris) for the better part of a year. Apparently kids loved this piece, and it is now part of their permanent collection.

I’m quite proud of this project – I managed to get the sculpture to function reliably for months on end, without intervention. There were no visible sensors in the case — in fact there were no sensors at all in the case, everything was managed from another room. This did involve a couple last second trips to Paris, which also wasn’t so bad.

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