Yet another Hütten Palast project — this one for the Wohnwagen titled “Große Schwester,” Done in in association with Yoraco Gonzalez

A few months ago Yoraco came by to ask about some CNC milling for one of the Wohnwagen. When he saw what I had going in my workshop, he told me to come up with something –whatever I wanted, and I had full artistic freedom. That was the plan – it made for a nice collaboration in the end. Design Team: ‘Yoraco v. Mason’

Right before installing it he was telling me how I had really blown it with a particular detail – I told him to shut it (in good humor).

Sorry for the grainy pictures. It was late and I couldn’t manage to be picky in the moment.

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  1. ash says:

    what about Ash v. Mas?

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