Rich Pell, a good friend and collaborator of mine (IAA) recently opened the Center for PostNatural History in Pittsburgh, PA contacted me in March of this year to ask if I was available to design a mobile exhibition for the museum. As a European tour was scheduled for the exhibit, it needed to be easily broken down and assembled by one or two people, and pack up tightly for transport. We met up, made sketches, and slowly got to work as budget and design requirements were resolved. It is now on display in the Teatrum Anatomicum at the Waag Society in Amsterdam. flikr gallery of the show opening.

I also produced the electronics to run the display lighting and media (will find the pictures later). I must thank Boris Kajmak for his indispensable assistance in producing this (he is the one sitting on the CNC machine looking a little bleary -entirely warranted as it was approximately 5am).

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last pictures

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Last Pictutes
Towards the end of November 2011 I got a call from Trevor Paglen asking if I was available to work on a project. He needed someone who could design, specify, and delineate a housing for a piece of art that was to be attached to a satellite. After the first conference call with the aerospace company in charge of launching the satellite, the fabricator and I agreed that this project was a long shot, and neither of us could see how we were going to manage to jump through all of the hoops (design, fabrication, mechanical testing, electrical testing, chemical certification, thermo-vac testing) necessary before the cutoff date. Anyhow, we dug in and gave it every effort — and we succeeded! This project kept me busy through December into January 2012. Now it is getting close to launch and it is in the press:

Creative Time project page
The Guardian
New Scientist

It was a real push to get everything done on time, but it was a lot of fun. It gave me a great excuse to ask Jim Newman (a friend that I know through my father) a bunch of questions — which he was very helpful in answering. So, thanks again Jim! And thanks Trevor — it was an exciting project, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

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s l o w

That would be slow to update, not slow in the workshop. I think it has been about six months since the Berlin Winter ate my soul — now Spring seems to have coughed it back up again. In the meantime I have managed to keep rather busy, establishing some new collaborations, and knocking out a decent amount of work. Several of the projects haven’t been published yet, so that causes some lag

Here are some of my new contacts/clients from the past six months:

  • Pierre-Laurent Cassière
  • Nadia Kaabi-Linke
  • Trevor Paglen
  • Jerszy Seymour
  • cocon Berlin
  • Banded Berlin
  • hipster cnc router as pen-plotter

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    This is a custom table that I designed and fabricated for Lars Gereke. He had purchased a high-tech mat cutter (apparently the ‘Ferarri’ of mat cutters) but he really needed a table to hold it. I will take more pictures, as these do not show how the table interfaces with the mat cutter.

    Everybody loves the phenol-paper coated plywood — it really is great for making furniture, and requires very little finishing.

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    in the cellar

    This is a piece titled “Silent Screaming” that I re-engineered for Michel deBroin for the Experience Pommery #9 “la fabrique sonore” exposition in Reims , France. It is an alarm bell that is held in a vacuum underneath a glass dome, and the pump, gauges, and sensors to maintain the vacuum, and turn off the bell when nobody is around. Quite a nice environment to work in — surrounded by literally millions of bottles of aging champagne.

    I had the piece completely finished, and then as soon as Michel and I arrived at the winery he completely disassembled it and we proceeded to redesign the enclosure.

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    lost at sea (found)

    This was a commercial gig that arrived with a predefined concept, and a very tight schedule. The concept clearly owes much to the work of Daniel Rozin, however the technical implementation is wholly the original work of John Dekron and myself.


    RollingStar mirror-wall from Mason Juday on Vimeo.

    Banknote 2011, Washington DC

    The metal work was produced by Sebastian Feucht. The project was commissioned for Louisenthal through a joint effort Euro RSCG and Tisch13.

    Project status: Lost at Sea (seriously) Located!

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    one more time

    This is the first project I did while at Realities:United. Titled ‘Contemporary Architecture,’ it was originally commissioned by Artists Space, NYC, curated by Christian Rattemeyer (now at MoMA).

    I’ve sometimes wondered what it is like for a band to play their hit songs again and again, year after year – this may be as close as I get. Since I get called back into service to manage the installation every time it gets exhibited, I have now put it up five times: Artists Space NYC 2007; Archouture Halle, Germany 2008; DMY 2009, Berlin; Bauhaus Archiv, Berlin 2009; Gallery Karena Schuessler, Berlin 2009.

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    glove box II

    This is a piece I did with Adam Zaretsky for his VASTAL series at the Waag Society in Amsterdam. It was produced using the FabLab facilities both in Amsterdam and Utrecht.


    GloveBox Door from Mason Juday on Vimeo.

    The specification was to have a glove box with room for two performers, and gloved access for six participants. Shown here are a few production pics, as well as the inaugural performance/workshop in the Theatrum Anatomicum (Waag) with special guest Oron Catts  (of SymbioticA). Other artists to perform in the box: Kira O’Reilly, Jennifer Willet, WarBear, Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromatti.


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    glove box I

    Deep Interpenetration (video)

    This is a project that I re-engineered for Michel DeBroin. He had produced it once before, however that version had some reliability issues, and so he hired me to design a reliable control system for the piece. As the museum also wanted to buy the piece, I had to produce archive-quality circuitry — which was an interesting exercise.

    The exhibit was Reciprocal Energy, and was on display at the MAC/VAL in Vitry sur Seine (south side of Paris) for the better part of a year. Apparently kids loved this piece, and it is now part of their permanent collection.

    I’m quite proud of this project – I managed to get the sculpture to function reliably for months on end, without intervention. There were no visible sensors in the case — in fact there were no sensors at all in the case, everything was managed from another room. This did involve a couple last second trips to Paris, which also wasn’t so bad.

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    Yet another Hütten Palast project — this one for the Wohnwagen titled “Große Schwester,” Done in in association with Yoraco Gonzalez

    A few months ago Yoraco came by to ask about some CNC milling for one of the Wohnwagen. When he saw what I had going in my workshop, he told me to come up with something –whatever I wanted, and I had full artistic freedom. That was the plan – it made for a nice collaboration in the end. Design Team: ‘Yoraco v. Mason’

    Right before installing it he was telling me how I had really blown it with a particular detail – I told him to shut it (in good humor).

    Sorry for the grainy pictures. It was late and I couldn’t manage to be picky in the moment.

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